Linflowers chooses misting installation

Linflowers chooses a misting installation!

Linflowers chose a misting installation from Fog System. The location in Zuilichem, Rodalin II, was the first to be equipped with this installation that was recently completed.

A better climate

With the high-pressure mist from Fog-System the humidity is kept at an ideal level, and the temperature can be lowered.
Because of such high pressure, combined with anti-corrosion nozzles, a very fine mist is created from drops of 5 micron. The very small drops vaporize quickly, so that they don’t end up on the crops.
Linflowers thinks the high-pressure mist will ensure a better climate in summer.

More effective pesticides

Aside from the advantages of a better climate and the growth of crops, we also expect that high-pressure mist will be good for the effectiveness of organic pesticides.