Linflowers starts with solar panels!

Linflowers start met zonnepanelen!

Linflowers starts with solar panels!

Linflowers chrysanthemum nurseries will become “greener and more durable”.  Aside from LED lighting, diffuse glass and a misting installation, Linflowers will use sunlight to generate power, through solar panels.

Maximum capacity

Mid-March, Solar Duurzaam will provide the buildings of the company at the three locations: Rodalin II, Darolin I and Darolin II, with solar panels. These will generate a maximum capacity of 243,00 Killowatt. This is expected to result in 225.000 kWh “green” power per year.

A better world

By generating green power, Linflowers hopes to contribute to a better, cleaner and more durable world. The generated power is directly used in the production process. This means that Linflowers is less dependent on other sources of energy. Such as coal-fired plants, which are very bad for the environment.
In short: let the sun shine!