Linflowers switches to LED-lighting!

Switch to LED-lighting!

Linflowers is the first company with a combination of SON-T and LED-lighting. In nursery Darolin I a complete switch has been made to hybrid lighting. By now this project has been realised completely. Linflowers was also leading with diffuse glass. Diffuse glass strengthens natural light, which results in less use of power and chrysanthemums with more weight.

But natural light is not always there, for example in winter. During these periods, chrysanthemum nurseries often deal with a lower quality and shorter durability of the chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums perform insufficiently under that level of lighting. In short: during this period they need more light. But this also shouldn’t come at the expense of the energy bill. The LED-lighting offered a solution for this. To summarise, the LED-lighting has the following advantages:


LED-lighting has a higher light use efficiency (LUE). LUE is the number of produced kilos of leaves per µmol. So with LED-lighting it is possible to grow chrysanthemums with higher quality, which are chrysanthemums with more weight.

Another advantage is that the power use is significantly lower than with traditional SON-T lamps. Because the lamps don’t have heat radiation either, the use of power can be limited significantly. Of course this contributes to a more durable world.

The investment costs for LED-lighting fall under the Energy Investment Deduction (EID) as opposed to the SON-T lighting.

LED-lighting is a lot more suitable for changes in the power supply. This because Linflowers is participating in the test with flexible use of electricity in the Bommelerwaard. The imbalance in the power supply is the basis for a kind of traffic light system. If it turns red, because of too much use of power, the company will turn of the supply for a little whole. When the company connects to the power supply again, it takes SON-T lamps a long time to regain their desired strength of light/warmth. This is not the case with LED-lighting.


Still, it is not Linflowers’ goal to be the first with everything.
David van Tuijl, general co-director of Linflowers:

Entrepreneurship is a gamble. It isn’t the goal to be the first, it’s to make choices at the right moment.