About us

Flowers make us happy; especially chrysanthemums. We constantly introduce the world to beautiful flowers of a strong variety! This is the mission that we have worked hard towards for decades.

Linflowers in figures:

  • 150.000 flowers per week
  • 40 square metres
  • 120 years old
  • 30 number of employees
  • 13 varieties
  • 3 locations

LinFlowers is a family business that has been growing chrysanthemums for decades. Today, we are a professional player in the market. We work together with the entire supply chain to guarantee and raise quality standards! Would you like to meet LinFlowers? Feel free to contact us!


In 1880, the Tuijl family started a farming business. Attention slowly shifted from farmland to greenhouse strawberries. In the course of the 20th century, chrysanthemums were added. After this, things happened quickly: the first greenhouse was extended and a second nursery was established. Two brothers took over the greenhouses and they were extended again.

Technical developments were not static either. Experiments were constantly conducted with new varieties. Assimilation lighting and biological pesticides were also introduced.

Given the company’s solid growth, new locations were needed. Darolin I was established in 2005, Darolin II in 2008, and a nursery in Zuilichem in 2014, namely Rodalin II. In 2021, the next nursery was also being built.

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The faces behind Linflowers


“We are motivated and driven to develop”

Our love for chrysanthemums has existed for decades. This passion means that we do not just give our flowers our full attention but also that we are constantly working on optimising our product or process, for example, by experimenting with new chrysanthemum species, but above all for sustainability in the context of biological crop protection, water treatment, LED lights, etc. We see a challenge in having minimal environmental impact while achieving optimal performance!

We work closely with employees in the area. We give them the space to specialise and thrive personally. This flows through into our organisation: employees show initiative at all levels to surprise our customers. We are also active in various networks to develop as an industry. Useful for the sector. Educational for ourselves.

This drive to innovate is ultimately reflected by our products: beautiful, strong flowers that find a place throughout Europe and beyond!


“Through cooperation with customers, we guarantee high-quality chrysanthemums.”

We work closely with our partners in the supply chain. We have learnt that this leads to an effective win-win situation and this is why we proactively identify the needs of our customers. This approach organisationally optimises our products and delivery.

We also exchange ideas about the challenges facing our customers. After all, as a nursery we have various options such as packaging, units, stem length, etc. Thus, with a few process adjustments, we can offer tailor-made solutions.

In short: our partners are of paramount importance to us! Therefore, we like them to share their ideas about development of our company! Which direction do you think we should take to flourish?