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About Linflowers


Linflowers is originally a family company with a rich history. That history starts in the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages, the Van Tuijl family was a noble family with castles in Tuijl, Est and Deil. Around the 1600 various branches of this noble family died out and the castles passed into other hands.

But in the village of Brakel there was still an orphan boy called Jan Sanderszn. Van Tuijl. After he got married, he went to live in the Burgerstraat, located in the village Gameren, at the farm of his father-in-law. He became the forefather of the current Van Tuijl family, who is in charge of Linflowers.

Start own company

One of his descendants, Hendrik van Tuijl, who is also the great grandfather of the general management, started an agricultural company in 1880. After some time, his son Otto started specialising in growing strawberries.
The company grew, and eventually it started growing strawberries on a larger scale. Leendert van Tuijl, Otto’s son, continued with the company after the death of his father. Aside from growing strawberries in cold ground, he also started growing them under glass.
When Leendert’s son, named Otto, was done with school in 1974 he started growing chrysanthemums with his father.
This was the start of a turbulent growth of nurseries run by Linflowers.

Complete chrysanthemum cultivation

In 1978, the official switch to chrysanthemums was made. Shortly after, the 1st greenhouse was expanded to a surface of 15,000 m2. In 1987 Otto started his own nursery, and Rochus took over his position in the family company, the surface of which was then expanded to 31.000 m2. In 1993, Rochus and David, his brother, completely took over their father’s nursery. The family arms from the archives of a rich family history were used as the company logo.
Since then, the company has grown exponentially. There were all kinds of innovations and modernisations. In 2003 they started with assimilation lighting, so that high quality chrysanthemums could also be grown in the winter. Furthermore, they started to experiment with organic pesticides.


In 2005 there was an expansion with another location in Brakel, Darolin I.
In 2008 the third location was opened, Darolin II. In 2014, Linflowers achieved a high point, with the build of a high-tech nursery in Zuilichem, Rodalin II.


Start Agricultural company

Hendrik van Tuijl starts an agricultural company that is focused on livestock and land cultivation. After some time, his son Otto starts growing strawberries.



Leendert van Tuijl continues Otto’s company, and starts growing strawberries under glass.



there is a complete switch to chrysanthemums. The company is also expanded to 15,000 m2. Nine years later, the surface of the company is expanded to 31,000 m2.



Rochus and David van Tuijl, general management of Linflowers, take over their father’s company completely. Linflowers is born.


Two new locations

a new location is built in Brakel, Darolin I. Three years later, another location is built in Brakel, Darolin II


Rodalin II

the old location in Gameren is demolished. A new high-tech nursery, Rodalin II, is its replacement in Zuilichem.

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