At Linflowers we are always looking for new and better methods to grow chrysanthemums.


Durability is the central point for ideally growing chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums from Linflowers are pure nature!


At Linflowers we do not just grow beautiful chrysanthemums, but also healthy trust.


Our deeps roots answer the question about success. Respect for origin is the foundation on which we build.

About Linflowers

Linflowers is originally a family company, where the commitment of about 25 employees at the different firms is very big. Ambitious employees with years of experience and Linflowers’ innovative nature ensure the highest quality of chrysanthemums.
This way, Linflowers leads where automatic processing is concerned.
Furthermore, we think it’s very important that people can enjoy our chrysanthemums without a care. We try to take this into account, by growing our flowers as durably as possible.
Think of grand-scale energy saving, organic pesticides and collective purification of drain water.

Have you become curious and would you like to know more? As a buyer/consumer, of course you are welcome to visit our nurseries, where we will tell you more about our unique way of growing our flowers.

Did you know that…




Passionate employees


Satisfied importers


Flower stems per year

Our contribution to a better world…

We think it’s important that the production of our chrysanthemums does not come at the expense of this planet.

Natural aids

We use as many organic and natural substances as possible, while growing our chrysanthemums.

Energy saving

Because of our durable way of growing, we can save a large percentage of energy.

Water saving

We save a lot of precious drinking water by collecting the rain water in a big basin.

A selection from our range…

Our range includes many different kinds of chrysanthemums. We are the only grower who grows all the Baltica colours. But with us you can also choose something completely different. What about the chrysanthemum Haiku?
A beautiful flower, perfect for festivities.
Are you curious about what chrysanthemums we grow?
Quickly look at our range!

Baltica Lime

This filled flower, with its soft green colours can be used for many things. Exclusively available at Linflowers!

Memphis Pink

The Memphis Pink chrysanthemum is a beautiful pink chrysanthemum. Imagine yourself with this soft pink flower in the

Baltica Yellow

If you are looking for a chrysanthemum that is really yellow, this Baltica Yellow is the right flower

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Latest News

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